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Thursday, June 24

Be A Role Model

Kids are good in mimicking. They tend to copy whatever movement they see around them. Their mind processes everything they see and feed it into their system. As their mind process these inputs it is stored in their mind that what they see and copy are all good whether it is bad or not. It is because they still don't have any notion of good and bad things that the society dictates.

I got a video clip here of a baby who smokes. I'm sure most of you have watched this but I just want to share it to give emphasize on parents being a role model for the kids. I may not be a very good Dad but I won't let my baby smoke.

What parents should do is be a role model as possible. There are no perfect parents only good parents and keeping your kids on the right track is a good start.


1 comment:

  1. no one to be blamed but thee father who introduced cigarette smoking to his child at a young age. Supportive din siya no...


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