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Sunday, June 13

Contest Update

Sorry I wasn't able to post an official end on the contest.  I have been busy shoveling sand and gravel half of the day and as a result... back and body ache.  So I slept early last night.  So to officially end the contest here it is.

Yesterday was the last day for our contest... the "POST... DROP...CASH".  To all of the SPONSORS a very BIG THANK YOU!  And to all of the participants THANK YOU for joining and making this event possible.  I'll finish tallying all the entries and hopefully post the winners early.  

I have raised $60 for the two beneficiaries of this event and hoping that before the end of this month I can give the money to them as the help of all the SPONSORS.  Again THANK YOU VERY MUCH!  GOD BLESS!

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