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Sunday, June 27

Garbage 101

While waiting for my wife last night at the mall, Maki and I were feasting on a lollipop. After we finished the lollipop and had Maki cleaned up with the tissue I taught Maki where to throw the plastic and paper garbage. They are different and should be thrown in their proper places.
When we throw the garbage I was disappointed! Why? First I was teaching Maki segregation of garbage when all he could see was a mixed up garbages. Though it was clear on the label that garbages are separated according to paper, plastic, and cans. Second, there are still people who don't know where to throw their garbages and the worst don't even know how to follow simple instructions. I know I'm not perfect but we can still strive for perfection by doing things accordingly.

I don't know what's the matter with people! There are really people who couldn't understand or maybe they just don't want to understand or they are just simply naive.

I just somehow want to believe about a theory of a friend that "humans are not from this world and we are aliens from this planet earth. Though there are others who are really concerned, still the unconcerned humans outnumbered the concerned ones. Do you know why did my friend coined us humans as aliens? Well... first we don't have much concern of our environment, second we are like those aliens in the movie that suck up the resources of the planet and once depleted they left and look for another source, third we destroys the habitat we are not co-existing with the living creatures. To think of it my friend is somewhat true.

God place us in this world and gave authority over all living creatures but that authority was not supposed to ruin or extinct other creature. God gave that authority to be steward of this planet.

Have we done our part? Let us be concern!


1 comment:

  1. You are right, sometimes there are just people who are simply naive. I'm not practicing it before I went abroad but after I saw the practice here, things changed dramatically..!!!

    Be a Lifesaver Of Goodness


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