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Saturday, June 19

King's Birthday Party

Maki attend a birthday party today.  It's King's birthday party.  The celebration was held at Jollibee in Regalado, Fairview.  Right before we arrived in the venue we were caught in a heavy rain.  We secure Maki because last night he was not feeling well.   In other word we were able to get inside the place though Mommy and I were a little bit wet.

Since Maki wasn't feeling well he just enjoyed himself on his chair.  Though he was responding to his Titas, Ninong and Ninang's greetings, still you can see on his face his dull look.  He dances a bit on all the music that being played but he don't want to dance along with the other kids.

We know that Maki is afraid of mascots, we just somehow take it little by little to let him be familiarize with it.   Ever since Maki didn't have picture together with a mascot so this one is a milestone for him.  Together with the Titas, Ninang, other kids, and King we were able to capture a moment of Maki with a mascot.

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