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Monday, June 7

Monday Rush : No Yaya Today

Early this morning, as I was preparing for work, my wife was woken up by a text message. It was a text message from Melanie's doctor. She was schedule for operation today. By the Melanie is Maki's Yaya, she is addressed by Maki as Ate Lanie. So for today no Ate Lanie for Maki. I give way to take a leave for today since my wife is always taking her leave whenever Maki is sick or there's no to take care of him.

So today was Daddy and Maki's Monday Rush Event. Lol! Since Maki was still asleep and I'm still sleepy also I decided to take a nap. It was past 9 AM when Maki started saying "DADDY WAKE UP... DADDY WAKE UP". We both got off the bed. Fixed our beddings and eat our breakfast. As usual we did Maki's routine. But my only problem is getting him to drink his medicine. I did eventually make him drink but it took me hours to convince him to drink his medicines. After that Maki had a bad day, a very bad mood. So keep him mood a little bit livelier we went to the mall and stroll around. Maki did play on his favorite place. Afterward we fetch his Mommy from work and home sweet home.

I was really taking care of Maki his not a small baby anymore his a kid now!


1 comment:

  1. kids grow up fast then we see ourselve getting old thats what my dad always tell me


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