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Saturday, June 5

Shrek The Final Chapter

As I can remember my wife and I, together with my family watched the movie Shrek Part III when my wife was still pregnant. I think it's a bad idea, mommy looking at those green, huge, and swampy monster. No wonder Maki doesn't like Shrek before and I think up to now. I remember when we were in Amana Water Park, Maki is so afraid to stand beside Shrek's statue. So we only have few pictures taken and some of them were not good. Anyway at least he has met the giant Shrek though it was only a statue. I wonder what will be his reaction if he watched Shrek The Final Chapter?

Up to now we haven't watched the movie Shrek The Final Chapter maybe will just have to wait for the DVD release on the market. I don't have much of the idea on what was the story of the last chapter. While waiting for the release of the DVD copy I was able to find some clips of the movie. So for those who haven't watched the movie yet but wanted to know what it is all about maybe you can have a look of this clips.

So I hope that you have at least a glimpse of the movie. Can't wait to have the DVD release copy.


1 comment:

  1. You can always watch it here. :) Although the quality isn't very good, but it's free. :D


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