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Thursday, June 3

Summer is Over....

Right now rains has started and most of the part of the country are having rain showers.  So, the weather would just like to informs us that  summer is now over and the rainy season is coming.   Though it is raining, the weather is still hot and you can still sweat that's maybe because of the excessive heat that was brought by the summer.

Since rainy days is here, there are things that should be done or precautions to at least avoid illnesses in the family.  Us, parents, should take our daily doze of Vitamin C.  To keep us healthy and strong in our work and at home.  We don't want to be sick and pass it to our kids.   Babies, toddlers, and kids should also take their daily doze of vitamins to keep them healthy.  They are prone to illnesses so always keep them healthy.  

The worst and most feared by all is the DENGUE.  So what do we need to do to prevent and avoid this dreadful disease?  First is make sure that our house is clean.  Second, make sure that all places and things won't hold any stagnant water. Third, always keep insect repellents or lotion for kids.

So these are just some of the few things to remind us what to do this coming rainy season.


1 comment:

  1. yeah but neighbour not considerate so thereis dengue here always.


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