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Saturday, July 17

Daddy Day Care : Haircut & Talk Madness

Today's Daddy Day Care is one tough day for us. You know why? This is the first time that Maki didn't what to have his hair cut. He was really stressed out because we wanted him to have his hair cut because he'll be a ring bearer next week. We wanted him to look good but unfortunately Maki was not on the mood. I know it is not good forcing him but we really need him to take his hair cut. Aside from looking good on the wedding day, his hair is really long now. It was almost an hour struggle and the end result... we had his hair cut and cleaned. Thank goodness that the barber is really patience enough to cut Maki's hair.

Okay lets get off that stressful day for Maki. Right now Maki became very talkative. He would tell everything that he has done the whole day. The only problem is that he'll speak "TAGLISH" (Tagalog and English). Sometimes if he really wanted express much of himself his words starts to become mumblings that you won't recognize any word. The thing that we do is that we guide him to express his thoughts little by little until he expresses what he wanted to say. We wanted him to speak full straight English but of course we also teach him to speak Filipino. It is better for him to learn a lot of language. As an exercise Mommy would always talk to him in English every night before they sleeps. Of course Daddy is always there to listen and speak some thoughts also.

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