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Saturday, July 24

Daddy Day Care : The Ring & Hyper Bearer

This is the second time that Maki has been chosen to be the ring bearer on wedding occasions.  The first one, which was sister's wedding, Maki did walk but was accompanied by me, the Daddy.  The second one, which is his ninang's and it is today, gave us a slight problem.  We don't know much of the reason why Maki acted weird.  It started before we left the house which by then delayed us for quite some time and as the result he didn't walked the isle.  Followed by his refusal to wear his barong which caused him not to be in the picture.

What a day for us!  Then, before the wedding ends Maki became so very hyper and runs around the church.  I was so very tired following him around.  It continued until the reception, which did really gives me a back ache.  As I was writing this tonight I felt that I did a three hours karate training.  Added what he did tonight before he sleeps.  We thought that he would continue to sleep tonight because he fell asleep when we were on our way home and given the fact that he may be tired already because of his hyper activity.  Unfortunately he just got a little recharged and when he woke up here in our house that's give me another hour of training.  Whew!  I really need to take a good long sleep tonight but the problem is that I have to finish things first.   I don't know what time will I be waking up tomorrow.   So good night for now and God bless!


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