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Saturday, July 10

Daddy Day Care : Videos and Pics

A big thank you to technology! Why? Well... first is we don't have to spend much money in developing pictures, second is no more bulky videos cameras, and third is we can take a picture and shot a video as many as we want. So, how about that for an answer. Indeed technology gives us the more advantage in storing important memories in our life. Much more is that we can see and watch them as often as we like. The only limitation is that... don't get your gadgets crush down or you might loose everything. To be more sure always make a back up of the videos and photos.

For a start, today, our family just stayed in the house and does some chores. Mommy does the cleaning and sorting of important documents while I do my online activities. Maki just draw, read, write, play and sometimes would come to me asks if he could watch mickey. That's Mickey Mouse! He often watch some video clips at youtube. And then this evening, after we had our dinner we somewhat try to look some of the videos and photos that we have stored in the computer. Since Maki's yaya, Ate Lanie, hasn't seen some of the videos and photos we showed it to her. Maki would sometimes react on the video and say "that's KI" (KI is short for Maki). The evening did brought some of the memories. Memories when Maki was still a baby.

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