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Sunday, July 4

Essentials Things A Baby Bag Should Have

Here are some essential things a baby bag should have.

  1. Blanket. Babies, especially the few days old babies, are or should be wrapped in blankets. Always bring extra blanket.
  2. Milk and feeding bottles. If mothers are breast-feeding they don’t have to worry bringing some milk and bottles with them but for those who are not into breast-feeding always bring milk and feeding bottles.
  3. Water. Since your babies are still sensitive with what they are taking in, try to consider some of the packed and sterile waters on the market. Also remember to have extras.
  4. Extra clothes. These are also needed because babies do get dirty most of the times so parents should always have extra clothes. At least try to bring three to four extra clothes for the babies and also an extra clothes for the parents.
  5. Diapers. Of course if parents don’t want to get stinky and change their baby’s clothes very often try to have some packs of diapers at least during the baby’s day out only.

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