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Wednesday, July 28

Kids Fear

As usual I got an email from Their topic for now is about kids fear. We all know that a child's has vivid imaginations. They can turn everything around them into something they can imagine. It's more of different world when they are in playtime mode but sometimes things unknown to them also causes them to see different things. One example is when they heard unfamiliar sounds, specially those cranky and thrilling sounds, they will end up shivering. That's because they didn't know about it. Kids are scared of the unknown.

All kids pass through this kind of stage, the only difference are what they fear about. Some fears are easy for these kids but there some fears that takes too long for them to overcome. There are things that should be consider when kids are experiencing fear. This is as much as I have digest from the article at First, don't make fun of your kid whenever they are afraid. Treat it seriously. Second, look at the place of their fear at a child's perspective. They may really see a weird looking thing. Third, a little explanation will do. Fourth, try to put some light in their room at least to keep them at ease. And five, a TLC from parents can really wash away all those fears.

Like in our son's case, he fears things that he hasn't seen very often. Maki is scared of things bigger than him like the mascots and statues. That's why Maki don't have any pictures taken together with a mascot. He cries and shivers whenever he sees one. He also fear some movies and cartoons. An example is the DVD of Mrs Spider. It's a free DVD from the stuff that I bought. At first his only scared on one character but later on his scared of the whole DVD even just hearing the opening theme song. We really don't know what happened but we are trying to help him cope up with his fears. Right now he has overcome some of them. We are challenging him and made a deal. If he was able to do HIGH FIVE with Jollibee then he'll celebrate his next birthday to a Jollibee Store. Up to now he hasn't done it yet but whenever we visit a Jollibee Food Store he would call out saying "JOLLIBEE WHERE YOU?"

Kids fear everything that is unknown, the only thing parents can do is to be there for them and explain specifically what are these things. Explaining things can lessen their fears and of course a parents hug can ease everything.

So how was your kid? What are their fears?

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