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Monday, July 19

Monday Rush : Wet Clothes

How many of you had experienced having a slightly wet clothes on a Monday morning? Well... yours truly did find my pants this morning a slightly wet or should I say dry but more of cold and humid. It's really hard getting your clothes dry this rainy season. I'm just thankful that I still have another pants so I didn't wear it yet, but instead I just brought it for my Wednesday attire.

Well it's my fault anyway that my clothes were cold and humid. I forgot to put it behind the refrigerator to get it dry. When I was still studying I only got few school uniforms, in order to make it dry faster is to place the clothes behind the refrigerator. The running motor of produces a little bit heat that warms the clothes and makes it dry faster. We often do this during rainy season just when there's no beams of light passing those cotton clouds.

Well maybe next time I'll try to check first if there's any available clothes a day before my schedule. If none, at least I could prepare it already. No worries and no rush.

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