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Tuesday, July 20

A Yawn and Everything Else

A month ago I found this advertisement of a multivitamins containing the word Hapontukin. HAPONTUKIN!? Hhmmm... I asked my ever reliable electronic encyclopedia for the meaning of HAPONTUKIN and this is what I get #5@??????! meaning he doesn't know! Well so much for technology for a while. HAPONTUKIN is a mixed term of HAPON which means AFTERNOON and ANTUKIN which means SLEEPY. So by combining the two words produces HAPONTUKIN which means AFTERNOON SLEEPY SYNDROME. Well... most office working people do experience it and I got a knock of experiencing it first hand.

It was one afternoon, after having lunch and finishing the siesta I went out of the office. Stretch a little bit and inhaled a quite healthy fresh air. Got back in and started working again. At around 3:00 PM while typing my boss's memo for the board.  I took a big yawn and then everything else follows. My eyes becomes weary and teary. I'm yawning every minute and everything started swaying. Then the worst thing happened...BLAG! Ouch! My forehead hit the table. Good thing there is no push pins on it but it surely does give me a bump on the forehead.  Now I learned my lesson not to force myself working if I'm sleepy. Because I might end up worst than a bump.

So when HAPONTUKIN sets in I get up, stretch a little bit and grab the camera.  I sneak in to my officemates table  and started shooting photos and videos of them who are also getting the HAPONTUKIN SYNDROME. Then sneak out of their work area quietly and return to my place.  Watch the video and start laughing till I drop.  But of course it was just for fun to set off the doze of HAPONTUKIN.  Well there's a saying that laughter is the best medicine.  Since HAPONTUKIN is some sort of a syndrome I might as well laugh out that syndrome.  And with a help from Enervon Multivitamins, more energy mas happy!

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