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Wednesday, August 18

An Apology and Update

An apology to all who participated in my concluded contest which included the blog review of mommygen's blog. It seems that mommy gen wasn't able to review all the blog submitted or didn't find any good reviews. This part of the contest is beyond my control and it is up to the sponsor which to choose or if she would choose one. But anyway, I did sent her the links to the blog reviews and even sent two emails to her asking for the result. Up to now I find no email response from her.

In any case, I'll just provide something as a reward for those who have posted the blog reviews. For now I'm thinking of advertising their blog here for two months.

Again, an apology to the participants.

I know all the previous sponsors are anxious to hear where did their $1 went to. For a start, during the gathering of pledges and sponsorship I was able to set aside $60 for the two beneficiary of the contest. That leads to $30 each. It's not much but can surely augment some of their expenses. Details to where it went will be posted soon.

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