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Sunday, August 22

Daddy Day Care : Run Around

Due to exhaustion, weariness, and tiresome I wasn't able to post this yesterday. It was really a great day for Maki. His day started so early that he really enjoyed it.

We went to circle yesterday morning. We thought that we won't be able to enjoy the morning because of the dark cloudy skies. Fortunately, after we had our breakfast the sky is somewhat well okay to walk in the park. So, we went Quezon Memorial Circle. The place really not yet finished. They are still renovating the place to make more fun and exciting to go to. Maki was very eager to step on the stairs and walk through the underpass. We came out of the underpass. When he saw the place he was very delighted to see new things in the park, especially the wide area where he can do anything he wants. He started running and running and running. We just let him enjoy running because he don't have much place to run around with in our house. He did play with his boomerang.

After that we decided to go the play area. There are lots of slides and other things to play with and of course there are lots of kids also there. I've noticed that Maki really did learn from what we always tell him. He always wait for his turn. He just let other kids to finished first before goes next. The only problem is that sometimes he is being pushed around by other big kids. This causes him to get angry and he really expresses it by shouting and making an angry face. Anyway Maki enjoyed half of the day and us also.

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