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Saturday, August 7

Daddy Day Care : Total Tantrums

Does your kids gone into total tantrums? Tantrums that it is so hard to control. Well, today is the first time that Maki did this. It was really a TOTAL TANTRUM! Yes Maki did a very wild tantrums today. I think he cried and gone berserk for about more than 15 minutes. Everyone was looking at him. He keeps on telling "Daddy go back", "another plastic". Mommy and I didn't really know what to do. He was only pacified when we got into my in-laws house. His nanny, Ate Lanie took care of him. What a day!

The reason for his tantrum is just to put the puzzle that we bought into another plastic not the one that the saleslady gave us. The reason is very simple. Maybe because it was the only thing that he asks and we didn't even listen to it. Now, lesson learned is that if does that again we will try to figure out and listen to what he really wants. It's so hard to pacify him.

Maki is not really that bad when we are at the mall. He doesn't ask for anything to buy and that's what we love about him. When we are a toy store he will just touch it and would the characters name.

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