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Sunday, August 1

Daddy Day Care : Vaccine & Dentist

What's the best way to pacify kids after having their vaccines? Well, most doctors give kids candies, chocolate and biscuits. That is after a long struggle just to have this kids their vaccines. And that's what Maki did get from his doctors today!

Our first stop was his pedia. Maki was supposedly schedule for a vaccine earlier this July but because of financial shortage we just had it today. Maki doesn't met his doctor often and he only sees her whenever he gets vaccine shots or whenever he is sick. So Maki is not very familiar with his doctor as a result Maki is afraid of his doctor especially the little lying area where all the kids lie down. Maki did struggle hard today wanting to not have that vaccine shot but he has to have it. So Maki's consolation for being vaccinated was some candies, chocolates, and biscuits just to keep him at ease.

The next stop was our dentist, our Ninang. We wanted Ninang Meng to check Maki's tooth which was broken into half last Monday due to his fall from the chair. We weren't at ease of what happened to his teeth so we let Ninang Meng have it checked. Good thing that Maki's gums and teeth are not swelling. Ninang Meng explained everything about kids teeth. She did also warned us to protect Maki's teeth because right now it is very fragile and since he only got half of his tooth it is much easier to get damaged. Maki also get candies, chocolate, and biscuits from Ninang Meng.

We did explain to Maki that those doctors are checking his health and is concerned about him so he shouldn't be afraid of them. Maybe next he'll be more courageous enough to face the vaccine shot. Anyway we'll still be there for him.

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