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Monday, August 2

Monday Rush : 7-Eleven Big Bang Bingo

7-eleven logo

Tomorrow is the last day of the 7-Eleven Big Bang Bingo and today is my last day to get the winning number, which is the Bingo Number B13. Unfortunately I still don't have the winning number but I am praying that it will come. If it doesn't come well it's not meant for me. There are still lots of opportunities out there maybe this is just a start.

Granting that I win that prize well first things first is my tithe and thanksgiving, then I'll settle all our debts. If there's still much, I think I will save half of it for Maki's savings account and the other half is for the things that we need.

So for everyone who collects 7-Eleven Big Bang Bingo Tickets all you need to give is just the lucky B13 and the Php100,000 is yours. Of course we should get the prize first. We still got one more day to go.

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