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Wednesday, August 4

Passing On the SAVE ME Legacy

I have been a member of SAVE ME for more than a decade now. Embracing the SAVE ME Principle and Ideology. Now that I have my son, I think he is already following the foot step of being a MOVER. You know why? Well he has some story that his nanny told us.

The story goes like this and it is according to Maki's nanny, Ate Lanie. One day, while Maki and Ate Lanie were playing outside, a man pass by and drop a plastic wrapper on the alley. Maki saw that and started saying something like "Mama throw plastic on floor... there's trash can inside Maki's house". While saying that Maki's face was angry and the man were already far. Also according to Ate Lanie, Maki picked up the plastic wrapper. Went inside the house and throw it in the trash can.

Now, isn't it nice to see that your kid is already an environmentalist at his early age? I'm glad that we have thought him that. Maybe we will him more about lessening about that angry thing. Maybe we'd better start the SAVE ME Juniors. What do you think?

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