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Saturday, August 14

Playing With Numbers

According to an article in, kids at the age of two should be now counting numbers from one up to two or more than one regardless of the figure itself.  At this age kids don't have the notion of any numerical values.  Their understanding is that there's one and more than one.   That's plain and simple to them.  Other kids may have already recited the numbers one to ten or even beyond ten but that's their memory working.  They have very keen and sharp memory.

If kids started showing interests on numbers don't coach them on the numerical figures instead weave and teach them to identify numerical references.  A good example of this is showing pictures of animals or trees and letting them count or add the images by themselves.  Letting them identify the quantity of the images they see.  In this way they are not coached but you're letting them find the answers for themselves and making them more observant.

When I was still young, I thought children rhymes were just a playful tones and rhythm.  Now that I have my own son I figured it out that it was a good foundation, especially if you wanted your kids to be mathematically incline.  These rhymes does not only produces good tones and music to kids ears but a way to fully understand and identify numerical values.  Since kids at this age only memorize the figure and the numerical character, rhymes help them identify the numerical values by using number figures and characters and objects.   Some examples are the "The Three Blind Mice" and "Baba Black Sheep" which clearly helps kids identify the quantity and the numerical value because of the characters and the objects.  

Another way to help your kids understand numerical values is by playing with them and making numbers as their toys.  Use their toys and let them identify and learn.  Also by providing kids with lots of books to read which can help them identify different values around them.   Honing their mathematical skills takes time and patience but it's a good start that they are counting and starting from one.

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