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Sunday, September 26

Adgitize Campaign!

What makes a simple blog come alive?  First is the blog design, second is the blog content, and third is the traffic.  Yes traffic!  Hundreds of blogs are being created everyday.  Imagine how can a simple blog excel on top of those hundreds of blogs?  Well there are lots of solution and one of them is  Since I joined this site it has given me enough traffic for my site everyday and some money for my family's expenses.    Yes a little extra income for our expenses.  As you can see on the image below I have given a testimony about how great this site is.
Now what's catch about this great advertising website?  Well... for a start caters most of there services to bloggers and small online business.  They specializes on providing daily traffic.  To be precise this site has two categories, the advertiser and the publisher.  Publishers are members using the services and earning a few cents.  While the Advertisers are members who pays for the advertising services and at the same time earn more than a publisher.  Specifically Advertisers earn more than what they pay for.  "MORE THAN WHAT ADVERTISER PAY FOR?" I'm sure you'll ask why and how.  To explain further, this is how the traffic is being rotated and members earn from this site. Advertisers pay $14 a month for the advertising services.  125 x 125 size banners of Advertisers are being shown to members.  Let say 170 plus members of alone can give you 170 visits on your site in a day.  By earning points on different aspects Advertisers also earn cents in a day.  Like me I'm earn an average of $0.55-$0.60 a day so summing up the whole month will give me around  $16.5-$18.  Of course all of these entails perseverance and hard work.
Right now, is having an affiliate promotion.  This is to give credit to members who works hard in inviting new advertisers.  So how Affiliate Advertisers will be rewarded? Well... just read more below.

  • Top Affiliate to bring in New Advertisers Each Week - Receives $15
  • Top Affiliate to bring in New Advertisers Each Month - Receives $25
  • One Winner to be Drawn from All Affiliates with at Least One Active Advertiser during the month - Receives $15
This is really tempting enough to work even harder in inviting other bloggers and advertisers to try's services.  For the whole details of the Promotion visit it here.

As my own initiative with this PROMOTION I am GIVING AWAY $2 for every blogger who will join and become an active advertiser for a month in


  1. Adgitizing here!

    Happy blogging!

    - Noypi here

  2. adgitizing here as well ... I love adgitizing it really helps my blog to gain more visitors =)

  3. bro I am publisher in adgitizing but not new ad yet. I need to sign up for advertiser to advertise?

  4. @Sherry my offer is for those new advertisers only unless you advertise your new blog under me. LOL.

  5. i am thinking now to be an advertiser...thanks for dropping

  6. Thanks for posting! This is a great way to earn some money while on the internet.


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