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Tuesday, September 28

Bed Time Wish

This post brought to you by PlayStation(R) Move. All opinions are 100% mine.

Maki and I really love to play games. We always have our bonding moment in front of the computer. We play games not too much because we don’t want Maki to expose himself on the computer screen. After the computer games bed time play follows and then stories. That is our routine every night that I’m at home.

I just found out that Sony PlayStation has a new addition to their PlayStation family. It’s called PlayStation(R)MOVE. I did check their website for the features. By just watching the video clip I can say that I am really moved by that new gaming gadget. I could now imagine the time that we will be spending with that new gadget. Maki will sure enjoy playing with it, waving his hands, jumping around, and perhaps scribbling. The movement is not limited because it can detect your every action and even the single twitch of your wrist. I’m sure bed time will be extended.

If we’re going to have this we sure would love to play Mario Brothers, Sonic the Hedgehog, and other child-friendly games. That’s if Maki is around but if I’m alone or with my wife I would like to play Fight Nights, Halo, and other action pack games. I’m sure this is really fun.

Since Christmas is near Maki and I will just pray that someone will give it as a gift. Or we will settle with a PlayStation 3 and we will just have to buy the PlayStation Move bundle package for only $99. Or if that person is generous enough maybe the whole bundle including the PS3 system. Isn’t that great! So we will be adding this on our list this Christmas.
Play Station Move

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