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Sunday, September 26

Blog"s New Look & Name

At last after a few months of thinking, contemplating, and visualizing on what will be the look of this blog, I finally created the new look.  It's somewhat the same with the recent one, I just made some few changes on the header and some on the body of the blog.  I also manage to put some of the images in my paid hosting account.  I still stick with the old grey, orange and blue color set up.

It was also due to my exceeded free account in photobucket that made me decide to change some of the outlook.  Perhaps if I distribute some of the images in different hosting I think there will be no more messages of bandwidth limit exceeded.  It really does makes my blog bare when all the images suddenly went off.
Another thing that I change here is the header name, though it was more than two years that I have been using the header name Yashiro I find it bare and lacking with just that name.  It's more of a big question mark whenever people visit this blog.  Yashiro what?  So to give emphasize and a little bit of zest I decided to rename it as YASHIRO'S JOURNAL.  Now with a more direction on about what is the blog.  So maybe this blog will be branded enough.  

What do you think?
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