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Saturday, September 25

Daddy Day Care : Maki Talkative

Since Maki started talking, I have noticed that everyday Maki is getting more talkative.  He would always ask "Mommy/Daddy what's this?" and if you answer he would reply "ah".  Sometimes he would even talk to his toys as if they were responding to him.  Kids this age are really getting very imaginative and he got lots words coming out from his lips.  Sometimes we are just in awe whenever we hear new words from him.

We just make sure that we would always talk to him before we sleep.  Mommy would always ask him what he did during the day.  If there are no significant events Mommy would just let him introduce all his toys.  That makes him very talkative.

The whole we just have some talks and explaining.  Right now he is asking what am I doing and if I am finished already.  I just told him that I'm writing about him being talkative.

What is it feels like talking to your kid almost the whole day?

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