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Saturday, September 18

Daddy Day Care : Play In The House

Saturday, not much money, and I feel kind of tired during the whole week of work and stress. So what we did today is just stay in the house. We got bonding moments after I finished my online chores. While Mommy is washing the clothes, I'm busy doing my online activities, and Maki is playing with her Ate Lanie.

Maki got this ranger car which was a gift to him. It's not remote control but it is big. Maybe it's because a lot of kids here in our place pulling a toy car with a string and that's what's his playing the whole day. I think his Lolo did that, though the string attached to it is not actually a string but some sort of bids put together. Anyway what's fun about it is that Maki run around the house pulling his toy car. There was an instance that the tires gone off and still he was pulling it as if it was still complete. Of course I did try to fix it. He was playing with that until tonight.

Another thing that he did today is climb up and down. Not on trees of chairs but on me, he would hold my hands and started raising his feet, stepping upwards. Whew! That was pretty neat exercise. Parents should try that. LOL! That's Maki's favorite thing to do, climb up with matching sticking his tongue out like Michael Jordan. I think I should enroll him to a wall climbing group or activity.

Tonight after he was washed by her Ate Lanie we still did some few playing around the bed. Later on when he really feels that he was really sleep, he climbed up to me and lean on my shoulder, then poof his now asleep. I think his pretty tired already that he and his Mommy wasn't able to do their bed time routine.

So how was your kids doing today?

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