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Sunday, September 12

Fever Weekend

Though the weekend was long because of the holiday last Friday, still, it feels like I haven't got any good rest.  Maki was ill during this weekend.   Maki has a fever and he really is not feeling good during past two days.  I thought we're going to have a good weekend, then again we still try to bond together.  

Though Maki has a fever his hyperactivity does not wear off.  If he feels a little bit good he'll be as active as he can be and then rest again once he feels bad.  Another good thing is that Maki always drinks a lot of water so his  fever easily wear off.   

We make sure that we constantly monitor his fever so if we find any indications of "dengue" will rush him to the doctor.  Good thing that there's no indications were seen.  But we still look after him.


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