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Saturday, September 11

Halloween Costumes Anybody!

In our family we never celebrate or have parties during Halloween. There were no trick or treats and halloween costumes, only booing and scary stuff. We're just contented of some spooky and scary stories from the old folks of the town or just watch scary/horror movies. That's our routine and that's what we do.

Now a days, Adult and kids are enjoying the fun and parties during Halloween. People get dress with something different, a costume if you would say. Many of them get busy looking for different costumes. Wanting to be the best costume bearer during the night. Of course they will have to go with the hassle of looking around in every mall and department store or they can just design their own costumes. That's the hassle about it.

Hassles are get rid today because of the presence of the internet and it is one of the good things this days. Buying things are much simpler and easier. Just a click of a button, wait for a few days or weeks, right in front of your doorstep or from a pick up point you'll get what you buy from the internet. That's what you call hassle-free internet shopping. Just like what the Costume Cauldron Store did, they have read the minds of their customers. They wanted them to shop the best costumes at a cheaper prize without the hassle of roaming all the malls in the area. Plain and simple, customers do the choosing and clicking while the Costume Cauldron Store does the packing and delivering. Efficient enough with less effort and time.

I know that we're not celebrating much of the Halloween but there are costumes that I really love to have and use it not only during Halloween but in some other occasions that would require a costume. Adults can find their desired costume on the adult halloween costumes area. And this is where I find the costume that I like, the Egyptian Pharaoh. Costumes like this can be use also in any other occasion, especially on plays. We always have plays in the church. This will come in handy and it's not only for Halloween. Now an Egyptian Pharaoh will not be good without a partner and Cleopatra's costume would be nice. I don't know if this is listed on the sexy halloween costumes, I'm sure my wife would be lovely on this. Now let's see if it will be a match.

Now what do you think? Is it a good match on not?  Well that's a historian point of view.  Hehehe!

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