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Tuesday, September 28

Maki Learns To Brush Alone

From the beginning that Maki has grown his teeth, we have taught him how to brush.  At the start we only do the brushing while instructing him to show his teeth.  It was a good start but of course Maki is still a kid and what taste good for him he swallows it.  Maybe that's why manufacturers of toothpaste made it taste so good that people will love brushing their teeth, especially the little ones.  Later on we are guiding him to do the brushing, that's to let him feel how to brush his teeth.   Then comes the hardest part... teaching him to spit out the end product of the toothpaste and the brushing plus the water that wash it.   At first there were no end product because everything goes to the tammy.  A good way to recycle and conserve water. LOL!

Right now, Maki already knows how to brush his teeth and of course we're still guiding him.  What really makes us proud is that he is actually the one who is getting the toothbrush and the toothpaste.  And sometimes he would say that it's time to brush his teeth.   Sometimes he would go to the extent of getting the chair and placing it in front of the sink.  Good thing that he learns this at his early age.

So did your kid brush their teeth today?

1 comment:

  1. my daughter was nearly 3 years old and yes she knows how to brush her teeth already, its good that now she learns to spit out. Happy that she was enjoying it.


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