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Tuesday, September 14

Malware Detected?

Alert! "Warning MALWARE detected!" Just a message that we don't want to get, especially in our blogs.  This is just the message that we often get when our blogsite is compromised with malwares.  Though the one that hit this blog was only an element from where the real malware is hosted, still, a red tag is a red tag and most bloggers avoid sites with this warnings.

Yes! This blog last week was detected with an element of a malware from where it is hosted and it did shows the red tag above.  If you're using Google Chrome this red tag will show up to your screen before it opens the link with a red tag.  In other words this red tag warns you if the site you're visiting is hosting a malware.  At first I was shocked because this was the second time that a blog of mine is marked with that red tag.  The first one was  my paid website which made me accidentally deleted my back up and now here.  Good thing that I tried to be calm and get to troubleshoot this site.  Since I noticed that it was only an element, I thought first of checking on Google if my site is really inflicted with a malware.  The good news is that it is negative but the bad news is that I can't seems to access my blog.  So with this I tried to locate the main source of the problem by reading the warning.  By checking it thoroughly I finally realize that this might be some of the links at the side bar so I tried to remove first everything on the side and when the warning didn't appear, it was a sigh to know that the blog is in good and safe condition.  So one by one I placed back the links and widget with a little twist in everything until I find the culprit of the red tag.  It was the widget for the entrecard popularity.  I did clean the blog and it is running pretty well now.  I just hope it won't happen again.

How about you have you experienced something like this?

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