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Monday, September 13

Monday Rush : Maki Visit's Pedia

I wasn't able to go to work today.  Mommy has already got lots of absences and leaves because of taking care of Maki whenever our Nanny is not around or sick.  It's about time that I took a day off to take care of Maki while he is sick.  That's something that at least a daddy could do for his son and his wife, though mommy took undertime and we bring Maki to his pedia.  This is just to make sure that he get a check up and to find out if he got any symptoms of dengue.  Good thing that his okay and his pedia instructed that if he still got fever tomorrow, just to be sure he'll blood will be tested.  For now Maki is okay except for his cough, a dry cough.  He was given also medicine for his cough.



  1. sana okay na ang ubo's hard if kids got sick..

  2. Thanks mommy kat. It's really hard if kids got sick parang gusto mo ikaw na lang.


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