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Tuesday, September 21


Well... today is my BIG DAY! Big day means it's my day, the day I was born and the day I came to be.  There are a lot of things to be thankful today.  I'm very much thankful that He has given me  a blessed year and another year for more blessings to shower. Well we are truly not getting any younger and there's no such thing as fountain of youth.  The only thing that matters is the things that we have done and the legacy we left behind.  

The celebration is not much, just a simple family movie date. We did watch a movie which we think Maki would appreciate and he did appreciate it.  After that, a little cake to share and a prayer for today.  A bunch of greetings from friends and families from online and offline, from text messages and personal greetings.  I think all the greetings and prayers are best gift ever, I could not imagine the blessings that will shower for my next year in this world.

I can proudly say that this is my age and I'm still on the calendar. LOL!  I can still do more things.

So this is what happened to me today on my very BIG DAY.   How about you?  What have you done today?

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