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Sunday, September 19

Sunday Message : Gifts of The Holy Spirit

Today's message was all about the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. There were nine Gifts of the Holy Spirit. The message mainly revolves how the Holy Spirit works and how each of the nine gifts works in every Christian. There were only four of them were shared today and the others will be continued next Sunday. I will make sure that we get to church on Sunday.

So what were the four gifts discussed today? They were the Gift of Wisdom, Knowledge, Faith, and Healing. Each of them were explained and made examples of events that had happened this past few days in order for the people to understand it clearly. The Gift of Wisdom is about knowing what to do in certain situation guided by the Holy Spirit. The Gift of Knowledge is about learning through experience. The Gift of Faith is more of about trusting God. The Gift of Healing which is about how we are channeled by the power of God through healing.

This Gifts all came from God which we Christians should use to glorify and be witnesses of God grace, love, and power.

What's God's message in your church today?

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