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Sunday, September 5

Sunday Message : Listen

Another Sunday of the month. It seems that I really can get myself to wake up early and prepare Maki for the morning church service. Add also that every Sunday morning when Maki wakes up he always look for her Mom. We always connotes it that Maki has a "S and T". It's called "Sumpong and Tupak" to be precise in English or child term, it's called "Tantrums". So preparing him would means war. LOL! Just kidding! But it sure is really hard to calm him down.

Anyway since we couldn't make it to the church we just listen to some praise music at Most of them were Hill Song Kids so that Maki can also sing along as we listen to it. So as we listen to it Maki is already calm and his tantrums has already subsided.

I don't know what exactly the time is but I heard it on the radio. My mom and dad always listen to a Christian radio station. The story goes like this.... "There were a group who were looking for a watch inside the house. They already searched all the place and even turn the house upside down but they couldn't find the watch. They all went out of the house and a boy saw them as they were bothered loosing the watch. The boy came to them ask if he could try to look for it. The group agreed to let the boy though they were saying that the wouldn't find it. After a few minutes the boy went out carrying the watch. They asked the boy how he do it. The boy simply explained that he just put his ears against the floor and listen."

The story seems simple but that what always happens to us all. We always complain about our life and always ask for the answers to our prayers but we are forgetting the main point. We forget how to listen! Yes... we nag about everything that we rarely listen to what God is telling us. We always look for God's answer to us but the problem is that we don't listen and that's why we are still searching for that answer.

Maybe it's about time that we take a deep breath... close our eyes... open our hearts... and listen. Then maybe we can now hear God's voice in us.

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