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Friday, October 22

Being Creative with Doughs

kids dough

If you're seeing your kids starting to like arts and crafts maybe it's about time that you buy him something to work on with. One example to make the creativity of your son to come out are the doughs. By molding and mashing the doughs they can come up with different shapes and figures.  But make sure that parents guide their kids if they are younger than three years old or better not let them play with it.

With the dough they can create lots of different figures just let them be imaginative and creative. You, Parents, should always be there playing with the kids if you want them to be safe. Always think of a child-friendly activities and toys.

This specific product from Kid' Dough which is distributed in all Toy Kingdom outlets can really let your kids become more creative.  It has different tools that they can use in creating their masterpieces. Doughs are not included in this package, they are sold separately.  So parents should buy another set of doughs for the kids to play with.  Another good thing is that it cost only about Php99.75 or a little more than $2. Always remember that toys are fun to play with but it is much safer if you play and guide your kids.

So what are toys does your kids play?

1 comment:

  1. my daughter loves dora's stuff and barney. And other musical toys, have time to visit me =)


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