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Sunday, October 24

Daddy Day Care: Preparing

Another Big day for Maki.  The preparation was not as intense as his first.  Of course every first is what really marks everything.  It is the start!  The beginning of everything, a new life, or a fresh beginning.  Though the celebration goes yearly, still, the first will be the most remembered occasion.  It really marks the existence .

At first we just wanted to celebrate in a very nice and simple celebration in the house.  A little food to liven up the party and of course don't forget the balloons.  But it seems that we are more having troubles or will be having more troubles of preparing and cleaning after.  Also since we don't have enough space to cater all those kids who are going to attend the party.  So the answer, we decided to avail the party package at Jollibee.

Since Maki has already his clothes, shoes and everything it's about time that Daddy and Mommy had their own time to get their own dresses.  A date!
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