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Wednesday, October 27

First Time on Nuffnang Event

Last Friday was really something different for me and my wife.  After three years (I think?!) that was our first time to attend an event just the two of us.  It's more of a date for both of us.  LOL!  Anyway, that was really our first time to attend an event organized by Nuffnang Philippines.  It was the awarding of prizes for the blog contest of Goldilocks and also the showcasing of their new store in Shaw Blvd.
 We were a bit early in the event area.  It was 6 pm when we get there and they were not yet finished preparing for the event.  I was thirsty and hungry.  I wanted to try LAING PASTA but sorry for me they don't have anymore so I just help myself with the lasagna and I tried also their new BUBBLE POPS.   A pearl shape which was like sago but it's not, once you press it between your tongue and your palate it pops like a bubble.  That was one good refreshing drink.  Mommy don't like to eat because she already had French fries and she just tasted the BUBBLE POPS but she didn't like it that much.  While eating the lasagna, they were already done preparing and they started to calling bloggers to find their seats.
While they were accompanying most of the attendees of the event all were given a DYC.  I didn't know what was DYC at first but when I see the box I just said... Ahhh!  It was a Decorate Your Cake.  As part of the event attendees are encourage to create their designs of mini cakes using the materials inside a DYC box.  Mommy who don't know how to do any art thing forced me to do her own.  She just explained the details and she just let me do the designing.  Quite interesting to do crafty things on a fluffy mamon.    Maybe the DYC was their way to make everyone a little busy while waiting for the others and for the other guests.  It was also instructed that who ever designed the good looking mini cake will win a prize.  Unfortunately, we didn't win any.  While doing the mini cake dinner was served.
They have started the program quite late.  They started with a presentation about Goldilocks and why did they make some changes on their packaging and brand.  We attentively tried to at least digest some of the major details of the video.  It was amazing to know that Goldilocks did really start from the bottom and look at them now, they were always part of the Filipino life style.  To liven up the event they conducted a mini quiz bee, making per table as one group.  We were six in the group.  To make the story short we were able to make it on to the finals and one question did make us flunk.  It's about a phobia having a peanut butter stuck onto your palate.  It is interesting to know that there was something like that and we did loose on that.  Anyway that adds up to one of trivia collections.
Mommy didn't exactly noticed who the guest actor was.  It was Eduard Mendez, one of the actor in TV soap entitled "Magkaribal".  When Mommy realized who it was she exclaimed... Ah okay.  That was our usual reaction whenever we see actors and actresses.  Just simple as that.  Anyway he was there to do his job by presenting the winning prize to the winners of the contest.

The time came to announce the winners of the Goldilocks "Pagbabago" Blog Contest.   A drum roll was played for each winner.
Eloquent Blog - Yoshke
Most Creative Blog - Open Book
Biggest Change Blog - Divine Viva

And the top winner for the Goldilocks "Pagbabago" Blog Contest was

Read their entries and be inspired of how their life changed.
It was an interesting and fun night for me and Mommy.  Though we didn't win any it's a good thing that we met some people that is truly admirable.  Not of what they look but what they can share from what they have experienced.   It was a date for Mommy and Me  we just hope that there will be more Nuffnang events that we can attend together.  Thanks Nuffnang!


  1. haha, buti pa kayo nakaattend na, ang layo kc sa amin tpos gabi pa. I hope you enjoyed the experience, dami nyo ba na meet na other bloggers?

  2. Yeah Josie nag-enjoy nga kaming mag-asawa eh. That't our first time to join the event of Nuffnang. Kunti lang kasi medyo masikip ung lugar kaya hindi masyado makagala and talk with other bloggers. Anyway sana magkaron tayong mga bloggers ng summit dito sa luzon. Ang alam ko sa Visayas meron ata eh.


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