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Friday, October 15

Gear Wheel IQ Cube

gear wheel iq cube2gear wheel iq cube3gear wheel iq cube1

If you have your Rubik's Cube in you and you can't even get to solve the entire cube like me then I'm sure you won't make it also to solve this Gear Wheel IQ Cube. It is much complicated than the Rubik's Cube, unlike the Rubik's Cube you can't cheat on this one. You cannot simply remove it and place it back again. This one has gear on its side that makes it more complicated.

I'm sure Maki will be puzzled with this one. Maki hasn't learn about the Rubik's Cube yet but I would love him to learn it as early as possible and if he does it maybe that's the time that I will buy him this Gear Wheel IQ Cube. For now, I'll just learn with Maki on solving the Rubik's Cube.

I'm not sure if this is already available in the Philippines but if parents would like to buy one of this for their kids you can visit to purchase a set of this great Gear Wheel IQ Cube. They are shipping worldwide and this one only cost $11.90, I just don't know how much will be the shipping and the taxes once it reaches here in the Philippines.

I don't showcase this toys here to get commission or earnings, I just want to share the information that I see online that I know can help kids in their development. Toys like this should be given to kids to harness their minds and sharpen their IQ.

1 comment:

  1. The way it looks, I find it so complicated, but the fun and excitement of finding ways to solve that puzzle really excite me like my quest to solve Rubik's.

    Nabuo ko naman ang rubiks ng hindi nandadaya, you just have tofollow some algorithms. Baka ganun lang din yan,im excited to try this one.


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