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Saturday, October 30

Jollibee Kids Club Halloween Party

Remember the day that we were settling with Maki's Birthday Party and we did buy a ticket for the Halloween Party.  Well, that was today and that's our Daddy Day Care for today.

During the whole week we were looking for Maki's costume.  Since he already has a head dress together with Chibi King which I bought in Duty Free Shops, our plan was to  look for the clothes that will match on his head dress.  Unfortunately, until yesterday evening we couldn't find any clothes or costume that he can wear for the Costume Party.  I would prefer to call it Costume Party rather than Halloween Party just to wear off the spookiness during this season.

Anyway back to looking for Maki's costume, since we couldn't find anything, I just tried and decided to make a costume for him out of flour sack or what we call it "Katsa".  But before that I tried to look for a dye color powder for the costume.  Green is what the color we wanted since the character that we are trying to portray is Popo of the Mushi King who wears green shirt and pants.  So then, I have the "Katsa" and the dye color and the only problem is the design.    I just tried to make the design simple by matching the pants from Maki's pajama and the shirt is just a simple T pattern to make the shirt.  In other words I was able to cut the pattern.  What's left to do was to sew it together.  But there's another problem.  The sewing machine is in the area where baby Usher is sleeping so it would be a noise for baby Usher if I tried to sew it there.  Manual sewing is the answer!  I did sew the clothes together by doing it manually.  It was really hard and tiring.  The cutting and the sewing took me about almost five hours to complete it.  It was past 2:00 AM Saturday when I finished it.

Now the dying of the clothes is really simple you'll just have to mix the powder with the water and put a little bit of vinegar to make the color hold much better on the cloth.  I turned on the stove and started cooking them for about five minutes.  Then I soaked in the clothes and warm it more for about ten minutes then I just left it there.  Then that was the time that I sleep.  Whew!  What a costume!

Today, the party started the registration at 12:00 noon we got there past 12 and we were lead to our chairs.   Maki was very watchful trying to avoid kids with horrifying costumes.  When we seated Maki was still clinging to us but then later on he started dancing with the music.  They played some games for the kids and Maki's number was called but Maki don't want to go to the stage.  He doesn't want to see other costume which are really scary for him.  Maki only participated on the bring me game which he won a pack of brownies (I think).  After the games there were dance numbers and story-telling about Hansel and Gretel.  Then the time has come and the main guest of the event came out and all of the kids started moving forward near the stage.  It was the five mascots of the Jollitown.  It was Popo, Twirlie, Mr. Yum, Hettie, and of course the well know mascot Jollibee they presented a dance number for all the kids.  After that they announced the winners of the costumes.  There were five winners and unfortunately Maki is not one of them.  Anyway better try next time.  Maki's consolation prize was having a picture with Mr. Yum and Popo.  
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