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Wednesday, October 13

Kid Preferring One Parent

I have read in that at this age Maki is now on preferring stage where he will prefer one parent than the other. According to it's their way of saying that "I don't want you because you're leaving me and I hate that you'll do it again". Kids doesn't know much how to express their feelings so they do it in this manner. To think of it, it is really annoying that your kid will prefer one parent than the other, which is normal to them specially if one of the parent is working away and the other is the one babysitting or commonly seen. So this means that they will always cling unto the one who's always there for them and pushes away the other parent who is away and working.

The situation is not really that bad because this can be solved by simply having activities together with both parents. In this manner the kid will have a notion that the parent he/she pushes away is not that bad at all. This maybe scheduled once both parents are present and with enough time together. More of a family bonding.

In our case Maki is the opposite. I'm the one who always away but he always prefer me specially when it is sleeping time. Maybe because he rarely see me that he wanted to spend more time with me. During weekends my wife make sure that we have our bonding moments. A little chit chat before we sleep, game time with all of us playing, or watching movies or tv are just some of the activities that we do together.

How about you how do you cope up with this kind of stage?
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