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Monday, October 18

Monday Rush : Bad Weather

How many times have you encountered bad weather, more specially on a Monday morning when everyone is in rush to go to their office and school?  Well, I have met a lot.  There are times that I am caught with no umbrella or jacket at all.  Also, though I have my umbrella, the rain is just pouring very hard that you'll really get wet if you don't stop and look for a good shelter.  Another event is that I heard on the weather report that there will be a signal no. 1 storm but when I get out of the house there's a little bit of sunshine peeking through the clouds.  So, bad weather?  Just always be prepared for it you'll never know when will it strike hard.

Right now, the sky is cloudy with really few dark clouds.  According to the weather report a storm has already landed and we'd better be ready for it.    How about you?  What are your preparations?
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