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Saturday, November 13

Daddy Day Care: A Little Relaxing Day

Today is just quite fine. Our day with Maki is okay and we just had our little day out. Just to let Maki get out of the house we visited one of the malls. It's quite far from our place but it's worth going there. We had our pm snacks and dinner at one of the Japanese Restaurant which offers unlimited rice.

While waiting for Mommy who pay for the food, Maki and I had a little pictorial of our own. Since we forgot to bring the digital camera we just used my cellphone camera. Though the pictures were few, actually it was only two shots of Maki, it turned out quite good and Maki looks good in it.

Maki noticed me using the chopsticks and he wanted to learn how to use the chopsticks so I demonstrated it to him and help him with the positioning of the sticks on his fingers. He did get it but the force of the fingers are still not good so he always resort to using his fingers and or using the spoon. He liked the food, the desert, and even the drinks which was cold so we just some how do something with the coldness of the drinks.

After we had our snack/dinner we went to one of the store to buy some electric bulbs for the sala. Our previous light was so dull that it was really hard to do things during at night, so we buy a new bulb which cost around or almost Php200. Then we headed to Toy Kingdom to try to look for his requested telescope but unfortunately we didn't find any. After that we head home and had soup on his Lola's house.

How about you?  How was your day today with you children?
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