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Saturday, November 6

Daddy Day Care: Maki Alone With Ate

It was really sad thing to do, leaving our son alone with her Ate Lanie in the house. But what can we do we really need to work to earn a living. I really missed today's activity with Maki. I thought today will be something for us but unfortunately our work demands us to do our jobs.

According to his Ate Lanie they play and talk a lot today. Ate Lanie sure is getting a hard time talking with Maki. She sometimes couldn't answer much of Maki's questions. They also had their snacks. Maki's Tita Felisa together with Raphael visited them and brought some food. They ate and talk.

When we arrived Maki was still playing with Ate Lanie. We had our dinner together. After dinner we had our little bonding time and Maki was really talkative. His questions are never ending. I just pray that it will continue till his grows up.

So that's Maki's day today without Mommy and Danny in the house. How about you how was your child's day?

1 comment:

  1. Truly a child is very curious of his surroundings, it is wise for parents to encourage their child's never ending questions by patiently answering them, even at some point most parents are left with no words to answer because of very witty questions


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