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Saturday, November 27

Daddy Day Care: Sleepy Saturday

The whole week is quite tiring, today we just relax and sleep. Sleep! Yes, just what we did today. Not sure if it is because of the activity during the whole week but it was good that we did some long sleep today it really rejuvenated our bodies. We're just thankful that Ate Lanie is here to take care of Maki I think we did have two sleep during the day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Of course we did not forget to have some bonding time with Maki. During the morning we did play RC and on the afternoon we did some computer games. On the late afternoon we went to Maki's pedia to have him checked up and was hoping if he could get his supposed vaccine shot. Unfortunately, Maki wasn't able to get his vaccine shot today because of the cough. His pedia gave him medicines to intake for the whole week. So we pray that by next Saturday he'll be okay and he will get his vaccine shot.

How you moms and dads how was your weekend?
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