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Friday, November 5



This is really something that kids should play with, a puzzle that will make them become more imaginative. Their imagination are really amazing and all that it needs is a little encouragement from us parents and a little boost on what they are doing. My son was also playing with a puzzle a little like this but its smaller and its plastic. I think the puzzle can be formed in three or four different position to form the square but for now Maki has only mastered one way of it.

This Imaginarium is composed of 34 wooden blocks enclosed in a box wagon. It has different shapes and colors. Kids can create more things out of this puzzle and just make sure to have all the pieces of it. This Imaginarium can be bought at TOYS R US for a price of Php699.75. If you're kids are starting to like puzzles and creative blocks try to give them this toy. I'm sure they will enjoy playing with this.

1 comment:

  1. I had no idea it was supposed to be a puzzle. We bought one for our daughter almost three years ago and it has always been just a wagon full of blocks (although I know there are a couple of ways to make the blocks all fit inside). Notwithstanding that, it really is a pretty nifty toy. :)
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