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Monday, November 8

Monday Rush: Keeping Calm

I just wanted to have my Monday Rush with a simple stress relieving post. Keeping calm! We all know that keeping calm is really hard to do specially when you're on the edge of rage and anger. There are situations that we cannot contain much of ourselves when emotion is involve. Always the end result is rage and anger. We need to keep calm and focus at least during that time we can assess ourself and make necessary actions to certain events that we are into. I admit I often turn into rage when things weren't good.

What can you do to make yourself calm? For me I think the first to do is don't talk. When you start talking different words comes out of your lips and that's where it start so simply shut up and don't talk. Perhaps I will start to do that. If you're hearts starts pumping and if your blood turns like a boiling water just simply close your eyes and start a normal breathing. Now if all don't work walk away and leave the area. Well that's what my wife always do she drags me away of the situation to cool down the tension. Well, I will pray that I will always stay calm when things get worst.

1 comment:

  1. Yes thats the best way to keep out of trouble the lip!


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