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Monday, December 13

Car At Thirty

I always dream of having my own car.  I even planned to have one.  Though I haven't have my driver's license yet I'm looking forward for it.  I did some practice and learning from our company drivers.  I often asked questions regarding driving tips, dos and don'ts while driving.  After I got married I made a specific goal to have a car of my own at the age of thirty (30).  At thirty I should have been driving my own car.  Cruising it somewhere at the northern part of the Philippines or maybe down below the southern part.  Whatever and whenever it is as long as I'm driving my own car I'll be happy swing everywhere.    Unfortunately I'm already thirty one (31) and I still don't have a car.

I remember before when I was till a teenager, my friends who are wealthy already got their own car.  At that age they were already pros in driving their cars.  Me, I just ride, sit down and relax.  I did asked them before what will happen if they get an accident.  They only said, the insurance will handle it.  I see!  Now those friends of mine are already living in the U.S and I think they know about auto insurance seattle. Perhaps they are also using it now.
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