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Saturday, December 4

Crayola Goes Electric


How many of us parents remember the brand "Crayola"? Well for sure most of us did use and will not forget that brand because it has been an icon. Toddlers and preschoolers use them as their medium in creating their art works.

I remember that when I was in my elementary years I would always have crayola crayons at the start of the school year. Opening the box whether it is eights, twelve, or twenty four pieces as long as it is a crayon. Crayola crayons was my first art material.

Since everything has change already and there are more art materials are popping out of the market, the brand name Crayola is starting to wave off from the scene. But don't worry because Crayola is adapting with the situation. Crayola are now gone electric with their product "Color Wonder". Less mess and much more interesting to color things up, especially with those sound effects that will really turn kid's interest in coloring. To check out the whole features and details of this toy click here.

I'm sure eager parents are now asking where can we buy this amazing toy/coloring toy for our kids. Well you can click this link WHERE TO BUY for easy reference of all online stores that offers this. For those who are in the Philippines I just don't know whether it is available in TOYS R US but maybe you can check it out there. This can sure be one of the best Christmas Gift for the kids.
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