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Saturday, December 11

Daddy Day Care: New Slippers & Blessing

Today, we went to our very important appointment. We don't want to be late! It was something that we are looking forward. We did get there just in time and Mommy just stayed relaxed during the whole event. Maki was already sleeping then and I also did fell asleep. Mommy's meeting is quite long and it took them a few minutes to finish it. When it was finish Maki which was lying on my shoulder still sleeping when we get of the venue. It was great to know that the result was fine. It was a blessing!
After that we went to SM, one of the mall here in our place, to buy Maki slippers, socks and others. We did use the gift check that was given to Maki by his Ninang Zarra. The gift check was unfamiliar to us, it was a sodexo gift check that's why we went first to the information area to ask if the gift check is valid and is accommodated in SM. Good thing that it was fine and is also connected with SM. We did look around and try to find Maki's slippers. We found two, one is rubber and the other is leather. When we asked Maki to try the leather, well... he didn't let it out of his already. He wore it and ignored his red slippers. We did buy him socks also plus a CD about a hound and a fox.

That's what's the day, simple and blessed. How about you how was your day?
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