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Sunday, December 26

Decors and Prayers

Image from Pier 1
I just wonder if next year we will have something like this in our house.  It's really nice to look at and my son will for sure love it.  I'm sure I will hear a big WOW from son once this look is set up in our house.  The only problem is will it fit in our house. Hahaha!  Just found this image in one of the website I'm browsing and I did find some interesting items there.  Anyway maybe next year will be something different for us.

Yes I am praying that next year will be something different for us because we will be becoming much more merrier.  They say that the more the merrier.  We'll be praying for our family for more blessings and good health.  Also we'll be praying for something new and something good with our finances.

Our Christmas day was something different than the usual.  What makes it different is the preacher and the message that we heard yesterday.  The preacher was Dr. Benoni Silva-Netto.  Physically, what I like about how he preach is his voice.  It's very massive, powerful, and articulate.  He pronounces every words clearly.  He really makes every eyes wide awake.  About his preach it was about God's grace and his gift of love.  The words that I remember about his are "Olalah!", Expensive, Expansive, and Extrvagant.  That's how he describes God's Love and Grace.  Yes God's Love and Grace is very Expensive, Expansive and Extravagant because God did stretch his arms on the cross for all of us who have sinned.   For sure everyone knows about this verse John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."
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